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  1. Nasal Packing- Standard Type

    Designed for use in a variety of nasal surgeries: septoplasty, turbinectomy, rhinoplasty, and more. They fill and support nasal cavities during surgery, allowing smooth septum ventilation to ensure patient comfort.
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  2. Ear Pack

    Cenefm ear packs are designed for use in otic surgery. They absorb fluids and support canals after surgery.
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  3. Ear Wick

    Cenefm ear wicks are designed to aid the treatment of otitis externa. They deliver medication, such as an antibiotics solution, to the ear canal and the ear canal membrane.
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  4. Nasal Packing- Epistaxis Type

    Designed for use in the treatment of anterior and posterior nose bleeding. The soft round edges create less friction and reduce irritation during nasal packs insertion. The epistaxis packs expand to gently compress and effectively stop nose bleeding.
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  5. Nasal Packing- Sinus Type

    Designed for use after sinus surgery, to support the sinus cavity and the osteomeatal complex to ensure airflow through nose. They also expand to stop bleeding through gentle compression, and facilitate faster recovery. The round edge design to make it easy insertion during surgery, and provide comfort during pack removal.
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  6. Nasal Packing- Anatomical Type

    Designed for patients who require stronger strength to fill the nasal cavity. The anatomical nasal packs are used during and after nasal surgery. With optional airway tube, they enhance patient comfort by ensuring easy breathing. Moderately-sized, and with soft yet supportive texture for easy placement and removal.
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